Most of the skilled and highly professional Nepalese citizens are migrating leaving less skill people in the country that is affecting many industries. We put maximum effort to provide technical training (On the job) to young people which helps to make their living and also the industries can have skill man power at the time requirement. We will continue to build our capability by up grading skill of our employees and also by adding more modern equipment to cope with the market need in hydro power sector. We shall drive our self to be the leader on this field. Our quality and pricing is sustainable, reasonable and affordable.


Hydro Power is one of the extensively used renewable sources of energy. In present scenario of Nepal, out of total potential only about 1% has been harnessed remaining is yet to be harnessed. Having such enormous potential of water resources in generating hydropower has not been possible due to financial, technical and infrastructure. CREAM Hydel aims to contribute up to certain extent to develop hydro power in the country by manufacturing and repairing of hydro power equipments in the country. Most of the equipment that has been used in the power station so far is either from China or abroad. These parts will wear out over a period of time where maintenance becomes very crucial. Replacing parts to often be very expensive it can easily be repaired with very low cost compare to a new one. This is another area where our priority is given.

Our Project